Centre Owners

As pioneers in on-mall kiosk retail, we have solid experience that can increase your revenue without compromising your layout or brand integrity.

We’ve answered some of our most common questions here, but we’d love to talk further about partnership opportunities.

What can Retail Profile do for me?

Retail Profile, part of the SpaceandPeople Group, leases, manages and markets Mobile and Fixed Kiosks for retail throughout the UK, Germany, Russia and India, adding vitality to venues by offering unusual products/services and enhancing the retail mix. With over 10 years’ experience, we are experts in what works and maximising sales.

We offer additional, consistent, year-round revenue without extra investment cost, overhead or admin for the venue.

Mobile Kiosks present merchandise in a state-of-the-art way and can be used for many types of product including toys, gifts and cosmetics and services such as eyebrow threading and mobile phone repairs. We work with artisan retailers as well as national brands who wish to sell regional products or trial new concepts.

Our modular Fixed Kiosks offer modern, high quality, functional selling stations, which can be tailored to the product/service on offer and venue requirements. These offer security of tenure to the retailer and security of revenue to the venue, whilst also acting as a stepping stone to an in-line shop. We use Mobile and Fixed Kiosks in conjunction with each other to strike the optimum balance of activity within a venue and be a sustainable revenue generator.

Short-term leased Mobile and Fixed Kiosks make your centre look different each time someone visits, which adds entertainment and makes it more likely that shoppers will spend. Retail Profile can target the retailers that best suit you, your permanent tenants and your clientele.

Who decides which specialty retailers can sell in my centre?

You do. Retail Profile maintains a database of specialty retailers, but we would never hastily place a Mobile Kiosk on your site just to fill space. Centre management pre-approves a list of acceptable merchandising uses for the venue and then we submit proposed retailers for your approval.

After you choose which retailers can sell in your centre, we’ll provide them with high-quality Mobile or Fixed Kiosks. We have had a number of retailers who have started retailing from a Kiosk and have since grown large enough to move into a shop unit as a permanent tenant.

What services does Retail Profile provide?

  • Mobile and Fixed Kiosks at no cost to the centre
  • Management of day-to-day operations, monitoring visual standards and ensuring that retailers meet operational standards
  • Strategic advice on Kiosk locations based on architectural drawings, electrical supply, traffic patterns and permanent store front openings
  • Creation of income reports, detailing fixed fees, actual income and percentage of owner income due
  • Creation of customised on-mall retail programmes based on individual venue’s merchandising opportunities, target consumers, trends and seasonal requirements
  • Prospecting and qualifying potential on-mall retailers for approval by centre management or owner representatives
  • Formulating visual merchandising plans to high visual standards
  • Providing Mobile and Fixed Kiosk signage to ensure consistency

Why use Retail Profile instead of managing everything in-house?

On-mall retail is time-consuming and labour-intensive. We specialise in this area and our years of experience can unlock options your competitors might not have considered.

My centre already has promotional activities and casual income. Why does it need on-mall retail?

On-mall retail complements promotions by enhancing a shopper’s experience and adapting to seasonal wants and needs. If your current strategy is working, we can help boost profits.

How much can I expect to make with on-mall kiosk activity?

Profits vary from centre to centre, but Retail Profile has a solid portfolio that we anticipate can boost your revenue.

Our expert team can complete a survey of your centre, with a list of potential retailing locations and our financial projections.

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